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(He ruled from the late 14th century through the early 13th century B. E.) Horemheb chiseled out every place where Aya’s name had been and replaced it with his own. During their excavations, the University of Chicago uncovered a house and part of another house belonging to the workers who were given the task of demolishing the temple.

Later—during the reign of Ramses IV (12th century B. The plan of the complete house is the same as that of the four-room house characteristic of Israelite dwellings during the Iron Age. worker’s house in western Thebes next to the Temple of Aya and Horemheb. In Canaan, the four-room house is considered an ethnic marker for the presence of Israelites during the Iron Age. This favors “fact,” so the question becomes, “ A third piece of evidence for the Exodus is the Onomasticon Amenope.

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One frequently reads that archaeological evidence contradicts the Bible, especially the Exodus and Conquest accounts.It was more than 480 years (I Kings 6: 1), which is the usual scriptural solution.There were 585 years from the founding of Solomon's Temple back to the Exodus, and this can be demonstrated in three proofs. The foundation in the fourth year of Solomon's reign can be established by moving back from the earliest historically established dates matched to the biblical record. can be determined from Scripture by back-dating from the foundation of Solomon's Temple in 968.

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