C textbox validating errorprovider

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Error Provider In Win Forms or Windows Forms Application Using C# And VB.NET In this post i am going to describe how to use error provider control in winforms or windows forms application using C# and VB. I am using error provider control to display warning or tick icon depending on data entered in textbox so that user can find out text entered is correct or incorrect.Super Validator can work with any of these components set or without any of them at all if you are planning to report validation results some other way.Next step is to choose the way Super Validator performs validation.Select control you want to assign validation to and change its Validator1 property to choose desired validation type.In previous example you’ve seen required field validator.

For this i have created a simple winform application with 2 textbox on windows forms. now generate Validated or Validating event for both textboxes by opening property windows of textbox and clicking on lightning icon (Events) at the top of window. Set Error(text Box1, "correct") End If End Sub Private Sub text Box2_Validated(sender As Object, e As Event Args) If text Box2. Set Error(text Box2, "") Else Dim Numeric Only As Regex Numeric Only = New Regex("^([0-9]*|\d*)$") If Numeric Only.

Set Error(Try Cast(sender, Control), "Last Name should be between 2 and 15 chars long.") If Not Data Entry1.

Contains Key("Last Name") Then Dim label As New Rad Label() label. Text = "Last Name should be between 2 and 15 chars long." label.

from there scroll to bottom and double click on validating. Set Error(text Box1, "Please Enter Name") error Provider2.

it will generate validating event for textbox in code behind. Private Sub text Box1_Validating(sender As Object, e As Cancel Event Args) If text Box1.

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