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Along with a statement announcing Gossow’s departure, Arch Enemy have also revealed the Agonist‘s Alissa White-Gluz as the group’s new frontwoman.

To say it's been a big week in the history of Arch Enemy is an understatement.Angela Gossow was one absolutely badass metal frontwoman.Seeing Arch Enemy live during her 13-year tenure with the band was very much about Gossow’s performance; she just had that innate ability to completely dominate a stage and command an audience.After graduation she joined an advertising company as a trainee, specializing in marketing. In 1997, the band Asmodina split and Gossow formed another band: Mistress.Gossow is among a small Her main influences are Jeff Walker of Carcass, David Vincent of Morbid Angel, Chuck Billy of Testament, John Tardy of Obituary, Chuck Schuldiner of Death, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, and Rob Halford of Judas Priest.

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